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Jul. 30th, 2013

03:14 pm - He's alive!

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Yes, I am still alive. I just don't have a real computer, or a smart phone, so I don't ever get on here. I'm on Facebook, although my 3G multi-media phone only has limited access through the Social Beat app.

Anyway, I still work for Fry's, although they terminated all the Greeters in June '12. I was rehired at a 46% pay cut, no seniority, and no benefits, on July 16th of last year. I mostly work grocery now, as a day stocker, and a backup cashier. I've also done general merchandise and meat department.

My Mom and brother live with me now. I pay the rent and most of the utilities, Mom buys most of the food, and Mom and Tom pay for the satellite TV, since Tom just couldn't live without cable or satellite TV. (Yea, it's nice to have, but I still think the money could be better spent on fixing things around the house that need fixed. Oh, well.)

I don't know how active any of you may still be on here, but if you'd like to stay in touch, add me on FB. john.h.guetherman. Just remind me when you send a request who you are on here :)

I hope everyone is well. Take care, and I'll try to stop in a little more often when I have a chance to use my Dad's computer, as I am now.


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Date:July 30th, 2013 10:43 pm (UTC)
I'm still on here.
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