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I'm home from Philly. I had a good time. The drive there took 4 days,… - Sir_Cat's Live Journal

Apr. 28th, 2010

09:50 pm

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I'm home from Philly. I had a good time. The drive there took 4 days, not 3, but no worries. Left Sunday the 18th, hoped to be there Tuesday the 20th but got there about 8:30pm Wednesday the 21st. Got to see a bunch of family before I left today.

Mom moved in with one of her sisters. My Aunt Donna. She's diabetic, and her blood sugar crashed several times while I was there, and that's why mom is now living there. It's a consistent problem. Mom can keep an eye on her now.

We went to see Grandmom and Grandpop K. on Thursday. He's doing much better since I posted last, back to his old self. They were kinda shocked and surprised to see me. I was last there 12 years ago. And we left PA 14 years before that. I look so much like my dad when he was younger :)

Dad, my Uncle Harry and Aunt Mary, and Lori, 1 of my 2 cousins from Montana were there for Grandmom G's memorial service and burial on the 23rd. Along with several long time family friends. My sister and brother-in-law also made it there. And mom of course.

That evening, Chris, one of my cousins from mom's side of the family, and I went down to South St. and got several cheesesteaks which we brought back to my aunt's (his mom's). He and I ate ours, and put the rest in the fridge as it was late and most everyone else had gone to bed. I also grabbed my stuff and moved over to his place as my sis and BIL were staying at my aunt's as well.

Saturday afternoon, I went to a birthday party for a distant cousins wife and 1 of his kids. They're in a branch of my dad's family that spells their name slightly different, and which hasn't been in contact with the other branches in probably 3-4 generations. I've made contact via Facebook with a lot of long lost distant cousins. 2nd cousins and further distant.

Saturday evening, we had a family dinner with several relatives from mom's side of the family. Mom, Aunt Donna and Aunt Leona, grandmom and grandpop, and 2 of my cousins, Chris and Kenny. My sis and BIL had gone down into Philly to sight-see but came later.

Basically relaxed Sunday. Didn't do much of anything I don't think.

Monday was pretty much the same. My sis and BIL flew back to AZ early that morning, and since Chris had to work late Monday and Tuesday, I went back to my mom and aunt's place.

Tuesday afternoon, we went and saw my grandparents again. My Aunt Leona, along with her daughter Shari (my cousin) and her 3 kids came over to see me as well. Later that evening, Chris and I went up to a bar where our cousin Brian participates in an open-mic night. Kenny showed up right after we did. Since Chris and Kenny both had to be at work early Wednesday, we didn't stay late. Kenny left first. Then Shari and her husband Jeremiah showed right before Chris and I left.

The only cousin I didn't get to see was Steve. (Brian, Shari and Kenny are siblings, Aunt Leona's kids. Steve and Chris are siblings, Aunt Donna's kids. There's also mom's sister-in-law Aunt Diane and her son Kevin, who haven't been in contact with the family in probably a couple of years. They live in upstate PA. Grandmom K is my mom's and both of aunt's mom, but Grandpop K is my mom's step-dad, and Leona and Donna's dad. Mom also has a half-sister from her dad's 2nd marriage, and she has 2 kids I think, but they haven't been in contact with the family in probably a couple of decades. Anyway...)

My flight home was delayed in it's departure by an hour, but arrived in Phoenix only 40 minutes or so late. A little choppy at times, but a decent flight. My legs are sore though from being cramped up the 5-6 hour flight. I only got up once to use the restroom. Airline seats aren't designed for people with 36" inseams...

Paid $26 for a shuttle bus home, plus $4 tip. Got into the airport about 4:45pm, and home at 6:30pm. Doing laundry, ate dinner, watching tv over my shoulder. Got another load of laundry to do, then bed. Gonna drive up to Vegas tomorrow to hang out with some friends. then come home Saturday. Back to work on Sunday.

I think that's all for now. Hope all of you are doing well. Good night.

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